Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Outfit!

So, today I had my first day of school, and it went very smooth! I was pretty nervous, but it turned out fine. This is what I wore:
I'll probably be posting quite a few outfit of the days, as I spend a lot of time on my outfits the first few weeks of school. Starting at the bottom, I'm wearing simple black Steve Madden flats, I did a TON of running around, up and down stairs all day, and only got tiny blisters, which is great for me seeing that I have scars on my heels from shoe blisters! Then, my skirt is from H&M. It was on a previous haul if you wanna check that out! I'm wearing black ribbed lace tank from Gap,and  a nude pink colored tank top with ruffles on the front from J.crew. I'm wearing a light, simple black sweater from J.crew. I have on a silver necklace that says "love" in cursive, and I carried my Aldo bag! I had my hair down, but I put it up so the outfit would be more visible. See you tomorrow with another OOTD! Have a charming day!

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