Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fashion Phases

I feel like everyone goes through phases in their lives when there is a style, or color that they're stuck on, or even a trend that they might overdo. I remember when I was in fifth grade, I thought it was "cool" to wear blue and white checked capris from the Rugged Bear with watermelons on them. Yes, embroidered watermelons... I have no idea what made me dress like that, but at least I was brave enough to wear what I liked. I also had a pair of capris that were pastel green with pastel pink polka dots. Think Easter outfits for 6-year-olds. Ugh. And  I had hair down to my butt and purple glasses. No, my Mom didn't make me dress like that. It was my conscious decision. She even advised against it! In sixth grade, all I wanted was to be able to wear all the mall store brands (Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie...) that everyone else wore. I remember whenever I came into school wearing a shirt with on of those names on it my friends would be like " I didn't know you shopped there." Hahaha. 7th grade I started to find my own style, and became obsessed with fashion, I was really into designer labels and was quite the name-dropper, I must say. But that phase faded, and then 8th grade came. One day I'd wear a tee and jeans, and the next I'd wear a formal blazer with a military green skirt and black and purple splattered Betsey Johnson tights. Oh yeah, and don't forget the boots( I still love these to death. They're over there>) And that year, I pretty much shunned shirts with brand names printed on the front. I can't remember the last time I wore a shirt with "AEO" on it. When I stayed at a cottage a few weeks ago, they had a selection of movies on VHS and we watched Ferris Bueller, and then another night, we watched Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. I was kind of inspired by her minimalist style. Lots of black solid clothes. I feel I might lean more in that direction this year, but who knows? Stick with me to find out!! 


  1. Awesome Blog. heres mine, check it out if you get a chance?

    Dont forget to enter the contest!!

    Love ya, Nikki

  2. I'm entering 7th grade and I feel like I want to bring out more in myself in my fashion choices. Nice to know that someone has gone through things that I have. I also want to wear big name brands 'cause I feel like everyone does it. Should I stick with everyone or venture out? I think i'll try to venture this year and become my own style. Thanks for your help in fashion and make-up! You really help me. I feel like I can count on you! thank you!!!! :)!

  3. You should definitely venture out and create your own style that you love! It's so fun to expirament with clothes!!! Thanks for the support