Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: MAC eyeshadow: Patina

Sorry for the lack of blogs! Today, I'm doing a review on a new MAC eyeshadow that I bought yesterday. I wore it today and I LOVED it! Patina is a frost finish. I had the MAC girl try it on me, and she put it from my lid all the way past my crease, and it looked so pretty, so that's how I wore it today! It was so simple, and looked so nice and put together. Because it has a subtle shimmer to it, the lid picks up more light that the crease and brow bone, so it looks like your wearing multiple colors. I feel like this color would flatter anybody! It would be such a beautiful wash of color on darker skin tones. Finally, here are the swatches(they don't do it justice)
Here are some comparisons:
From left to right: Patina by MAC, Satin Taupe by MAC, the darkest shade in Covergirl's Shimmering Sands trio
Have a charming day!

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