Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Outfit of the Day and an Explanation

I'm so sorry I've been absent from my blog for a whole week!! I was so busy in school, and the just as I thought I would get back on track, I came down with a cold :P. So, I'm back! And I have an outfit on the day!
My dress in from Delia's and is by Ali and Kris. It had a feather attached to it but it fell of because my school books got caught on it :(. It has big pockets that I loveee! I dressed it down and warmed it up by putting a gray-purple tee-shirt from GapBody underneath. I'm wearing a belt that I stole from my little sister and its perfect for defining your waistline if a dress or shirt doesn't have much shape. 
Here is a closer photo of the pattern, belt, and the pockets.
I paired these bracelets with my outfit. The bangles are from Kohl's and the other bracelet is from Charlotte Russe. I love the jingly noise they make :)


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